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That was awesome as always! It didn't make me laugh this time (I did see some jokes coming) although the drawing part made me smile ^_^. There was still a lot to joke about that I was looking forward to that didnt appear and you havent mentioned KK Slider or Rooster or anyone really. Nook is the only one you've payed much attention to. But otherwise, enjoyable :).

Finally we see some of you hard work

Animation - 9 out of10
Sound - 10 out of 10 Very good quality
Humour - 9 out of 10 LOL
Overall - Awesome out of Legendary

It was an amazing peek at the excellent work you have in store for us, Yotam. I seriously cannot wait for the first episode, I expect BRILLIANT things, I should know I read the script unless you changed it >_> Anyway this was a cool little flash and certainly sets the standard for things to come. -James :D

Yotam responds:

Yay, thanks =D

Wow, peaceful.

It really got me, a peaceful place away from all the madness not just on Newgrounds but in the world too, if this gets blammed I will be upset.
Graphics - 7/10
Animation - 7/10
Story - 5/10
Overall - 9/10

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I had little problem with it, but..

The game itself was fine, audio, graphics, etc. all fine but as you and many others mentioned, it was the controls.

I wasn't having a lot of trouble but I found it really uncomfortable, platformers already have a tried and tested format for controls and as an avid platform game player I know well how good it can work, I see where your idea would stem from it just wasn't very comfortable (nor, did it really draw me in).. Sorry but I couldn't give it a higher score because frankly I wasn't enjoying it..

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Slow to start with but when you're always blasting off into space its quite incredible. I love all how well each upgrade works you towards the next one and the ingame medals that make you bounce higher on goombas and suchlike. I can't really fault it it's just a whole lot of fun and deserves it's place on front page, although I'm having a problem in that I don't seem able to get the "In Space" Medal despite having gone into space countless times, as I've bought every item in the game. Otherwise the game is excellent and a whole lot of fun, just a bit slow to start off.

It was alright...

But there were some things I wanna say about it.
For 1. The platforms need to be darker or in some way more visible, I nearly died countless times for the background and foreground being too similar. Maybe abandon the snow style and go for something easier to see?

For 2. The simple enemies and character seem out of place, try making some actual enemies not just blocks, it will improve the overall quality of the submission in many peoples eyes.

For 3. The music, you need more of it. It started to get on my nerves eventually.

Overall it's a good little platformer and alot of fun but some things just seem to ruin that, the platform colour being my main issue here. Otherwise everything else looks nice or as it should do atleast (coins could do with being revamped graphically too) and some sound and special effects wouldnt go a miss. Otherwise not a bad game, just needs work to become a great game. ~James.

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